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Chapter 1: The Secret of the Hiding Experiment

Shadow and Maria were running down the hall. A gunshot rang out and Maria gasped as if hit. She slowed herself down as if feeling a great deal of pain. She looked at Shadow and saw him looking at her from the corner of an eye.

"Are you-"

"We'll worry about that later Shadow, Grandfather told me to get you out of here."

"But Maria..."

Now in the room with escape pods, Maria couldn't help but regret what she was about to do, she thought about the still small hedgehog hidden somewhere in the ARK, remembering that he was going to make Shadow stronger. Maria contemplated how she and the project would get to the planet as she set up the launch of Shadow's escape pod. 'I'm sorry Shadow...'

Shadow gasped as one of the pods came down with him inside. "Maria, what are you doing? You have to get out of here too!"

"I'm sorry Shadow," she threw herself on the floor and made what she knew Shadow would always remember. "Shadow, you were created for the benefit of man kind, please Shadow... for all the people on that planet, give them a change to be... happy..."


"Promise me Shadow...."

"I promise Maria..."

"Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog..." Maria said as the pod was ejected from the colony.

"I thought I heard voices in here..." 

Maria hid her face as two G.U.N agents walked into the room. 

All they saw was what they thought was a dead girl. "Shit! She must have gotten him out of the colony before she died, this place is of no use to us now, let's go tell the Commander..."

Maria waited for half an hour before getting up and ,making her way to find her grandfather Gerald. When she got to the lab, she found Gerald getting out of the pod he was hiding for an hour.

"Grandfather Is the Project safe?" Maria said

"Indeed he is. Gladly the G.U.N Agents didn't found him but he isn't save here. We need to send him to Shadow. This project can help him in his true ability and maybe other stuff will happen" Gerald said

"Can I get him out?"

"Sure But you need to take him to Shadow. He was created to be with Shadow anyways" Gerald explain

"So I have to go to Earth where he is? But G.U.N are there!"

"Project Sonic was created to be Shadow's mate. He needs to be protected by his opposite. G.U.N wants the project but if Shadow don't protect him from the Agents then he gets kidnapped. We can't hide him here any longer" Gerald said

"So Your saying that Project Sonic and Shadow were meant to be together. That why you created Sonic." Maria said

"Yes But No. I never let Project Sonic out of his pod because it was going to be a surprise for Shadow but when G.U.N showed up, I couldn't release Sonic because they want Project Sonic not us. So they killed some people here because they give answers to where was the Project" Gerald said

"So he was created to be Shadow friend?"


Maria felt really bad that Project Sonic was created to be another friend of Shadow. But now she need to release him and explain to him everything her grandfather told her. She giggled a little of the thought that she had in her mind; What would Shadow say or react when he sees a beautiful blue hedgehog that is the opposite of him. Maria nodded as she started making her way to where Project: UM Code named Sonic was hidden... 

Chapter 2: Meet Sonic: The Opposite of the Ultimate Lifeform

So Yeah this is a story I am doing with a good friend of mine-Tiffany12Girl

We both saw this fantastic movie in theaters, so we both got an idea to make this story.

We are done writing the story, So I need to post a lot of chapters because it warmed my heart.
So maybe after I finish Make Him Love You or Sonic and Shadow Starts a Family, I might continue this story.

Let me know if I should continue this or not

Sonic,Maria, Gerald,G.U.N and Shadow Belongs to SEGA
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