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Don't Fall for Popular Kids-Sonadow
Chapter 2: Meet the Popular Kids
"This is goin to be a great year Sonic! Can't you believe it?!" Tails said excitedly as he looked around the campus. Sonic shook her head and chuckled lightly, "Y-Yeah..It's going to be a great year..I hope we're not the only one here.."She said and looked around as well. Then a Pink Hedgehog was running up to them, "Yoohoo! Sonic!Tails!" she said and gave them a big hug. Sonic yelped in surprised as she giggled but was loosing oxygen, "H-Hey Amy..Uhmm Can you let go of me now?" She said,not wanting to sound rude. Amy nodded and let go of them as Tails falls down to the floor, panting heavily. "Sorry..I'm just so excited that you and Tails are here! Knuckles, Silver,and Blaze are here as well! Come with me. I'll take them to you!" she said as she grabbed Sonic's wrist and started walking, leaving Tails on the floor panting.
"I see...So not a lot of things happen during vacation..Well That Sucks..." Knuckles said as he crossed his arms, expecting so
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 57 27
Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games
Figure Skating
" 3rd Place goes to Luigi! 2nd Place goes to Tails. And 1st Place is Sonic the Hedgehog!" The announcer said as everyone started cheering for the winners. Tails shyly waved at the crowd. same goes to Luigi who was a bit nervous. Sonic, like usual was grinning to the crowd while waving. The three boys stepped out of stage as they headed back into the stadium "Man! Who knew that Snowboarding could be so hard" Luigi said as he sat down. "Yeah. I thought Mario was the best but Sonic actually is good at it" Tails said. Sonic just grinned and chuckled. "The Next Event Will Be Figure Skating." The announcer said. "Yes! Something I'm good at!" Luigi said. "Figure Skating with Pairs." Luigi frowned, "I'll go find Daisy...Or Mario..." he said as he walked away. Sonic blinked and looked at Tails, "Are you gonna participate?" Sonic asked. "Me...No.."he said. Then a Pink Hedgehog started running toward to Sonic and Tails, "SONIC!! SWEETIE!" She yelled as she went to Sonic hugged him
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 54 18
Sonic and Shadow Starts a Family
Chapter 4: The Date
Sonic woke up around 6:00 am with a sharp pain in his stomach. He quietly got out of bed,  without disturbing his partner, and ran to the bathroom. Once he got there, he noticed that his stomach grew a bit larger and rounder. "Heh...Your growing little one" he said with a smiled slightly. He was about to rub his rounded belly but then collapsed to his knees, hugging his stomach in pain. He groaned in pain and clenched his teeth together, "Damn this sucks to be the one pregnant." Sonic said angerly.
Then Shadow woke up as he heard a low growl. He got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to notice Sonic was on his knees. "Hey, are you alright Sonic?" Sonic turned and saw Shadow standing at the doorway, looking half asleep."Yah," Sonic said as he turned away. "Just a little bit of pain." Shadow  smiled, knowing that this was normal, then helped the blue hero up to his feet. "Don't worry. The pain will get dull soon." He picked up his love and walked towards
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 50 26
Don't Fall For Popular Kids- Sonadow
Chapter 1: Welcome to Mobius High School
"Tails! Tails! Where are you!?" Shouted a blue hedgehog as she looked around for her "little brother". "I'm upstairs Sonic!" Tails shouted from upstairs. Sonic sighed in relief and sat down, "that's the good thing! Hurry Up! We're going to be late for school!" She shouted. Tails groaned and came downstairs, "I already told you Sonic. I'm fine and I'm already ready but we have to eat" tails said. Sonic giggles a bit and had a sweat drop on her forehead, "Sorry Tails...:And it's 7:30....We have to get to school at 8" Sonic said. Tails sighed as he went to the kitchen to make breakfast.
--30 minutes later--
As Sonic and Tails are breakfast, they started to head to school. They both were nervous as they were going to meet up with their friends Amy, Knuckles, Silver and Blaze. Sonic sighed and her hand shook a bit, "T-Tails? What about if we don't have the same classes together??" She asked a bit worried. Tails looked at her and smiles, "Dont say tha
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 71 20
Make Him Love You-Sonadow and Sonourge
Chapter 6: Secrets and Jar of Heart
--With Shadow--
Shadow had left Sonic to his house and he gotta admit....He Fell in Love with the Blue Hedgehog. He chuckled to himself as he remember when he and Sonic made love a few hours ago. The thought made Shadow blushed really badly. He shook it off and sighs.
'Now that Sonic is my new Love...I still have to do Doom's task....What Now?' Shadow thought as he sat down on a near by bench and started to think.
'Sonic did missed me a lot when I fell off from Ark... he thought.
"Well...I been looking for you everywhere Shadow. I must say that you are a very good hider" A voice said.
Shadow eyes went wide as he stood up and turned around and saw....Doom. "S-Sir...I-I.."Shadow stuttered.
Doom smirked and walked over to Shadow,"How's things going with Sonic. Did you made him fall in love with you?" Doom asked.
Shadow had sweat drops on his forehead and looked down as he wanted to make a lie but couldn't, "Yes Sir...I-I Did."
Doom smirked a bit and loo
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 33 6
Rebellion Love
1 month ago
It been a year since Eggman had been defeated by the Freedom fighters. People were believed and thanks the honor to a certain blue hedgehog that always save the day. His friends cheering and clapping for his wonderful time he saved those people that were in danger.
"Thank You Mr. Sonic for saving the day again" said a little rabbit that was holding her mothers hand.
"Anytime Cream. Just call me when you need help alright" said the Hero of Mobius Sonic with a smile that everyone likes.
"Oh SONIKKU! I THOUGHT EGGMAN WAS GOING TO KILL YOU! I WAS SO WORRIED!" cried a certain pink hedgehog that tackled Sonic and hugged him really tight.
"A-Amy......Can You Let....Go C-Can't Breathe"
Amy pulled away as she had sweat drops and giggles alittle. Then Sonic little buddy came and land while he was flying .
"Sonic....I don't want you to get lost and be careful we  you go and see Sally again" said a two-tails fox giving Sonic his stuff ready to go.
"Hey Tails Chill..I'll Be fi
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 45 12
Sonic and Shadow Starts a Family
Chapter 3
Shadow woke up by the sound of birds. He growled. "God damn birds." He looked to his side and saw Sonic softly breathing in his sleep. Shadow smiled and quietly crawled over to him. He gently flipped Sonic until the blue one was on his back. Shadow then started nipping at Sonic's exposed neck. Sonic tilted his head back and moaned softly. He must of been having a great dream from the sound of his moan. Shadow then whispered, "Sonic, wake up." Sonic grunted, refusing to do so. Shadow smiled once more for he knew what to do. He purred softly in Sonic's ear and let his hands wander Sonic's body. Soon, the hands of the dark one's found what it wanted and that was Sonic's ass. Shadow then grasped the blue one's butt and Sonic shot up from the bed.
"Morning." Shadow said as he crawled closer to Sonic's face.
"Why did you grasp my ass?" Sonic asked annoyed.
"What? A guy can't have his fun?"
"Well, that's your fun. My fun is running." Shadow then placed a hand on Sonic's chest and ge
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 55 3
The Hunger Games-Sonadow and Sonilver
Chapter 2: I Volunteer as Tribute
After Silver and Sonic were hanging around in their secret spot. Sonic went back home as his mother told him to got to the market to buy what she needs on her grocery list. As he was next to pay, he saw a chaos emerald pin that looked really strange to him.
"What's this Vanilla?"
"Dear Sonic. That's uh...mockingjay." Vanilla said nervously.
"How much?" Sonic asked
"Sonic Honey.You keep it. It's yours." said Vanilla smiling at Sonic.
"Thank you Vanilla."
After Sonia, Manic and Sonic put on their finest clothing for the reaping
As the siblings were ready for the Hunger Games as they were scared if they were eliminated and got killed. While Manic was helping his mother out, Sonic and Sonia were all by themself. Soon later Sonic took out the Chaos Emerald Pin and out it on Sonia shirt.
"You wanna see what I got you today?"
Sonia shook her head and looked confused at Sonic.
"It's a chaos emerald pin, to protect you. And as long as you have it, nothing bad w
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 23 10
Project: UM Code Name: Sonic
Chapter 1: The Secret of the Hiding Experiment
Shadow and Maria were running down the hall. A gunshot rang out and Maria gasped as if hit. She slowed herself down as if feeling a great deal of pain. She looked at Shadow and saw him looking at her from the corner of an eye.
"Are you-"
"We'll worry about that later Shadow, Grandfather told me to get you out of here."
"But Maria..."
Now in the room with escape pods, Maria couldn't help but regret what she was about to do, she thought about the still small hedgehog hidden somewhere in the ARK, remembering that he was going to make Shadow stronger. Maria contemplated how she and the project would get to the planet as she set up the launch of Shadow's escape pod. 'I'm sorry Shadow...'
Shadow gasped as one of the pods came down with him inside. "Maria, what are you doing? You have to get out of here too!"
"I'm sorry Shadow," she threw herself on the floor and made what she knew Shadow would always remember. "Shadow, you were created for the b
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 67 23
Sonic and Shadow Starts A Family
Chapter 2: Maybe It Won't Be That Bad

Sonic took Shadow back home and laid him on the couch while Sonic went
back to the now cold waffles on the table.He was hungry so he didn't
mind what temperature they were.
"ugh . . . Sonic? where am I?" Shadow said rubbing his head.
"Well look who woke up! Afternoon my dark angel." Sonic walked over to Shadow and crawled over his chest to land a soft kiss on his lips.
"hmm uh did I hear that doctor correctly about you being pregnant?"
"Yup! We're gonna be a family!"
Shadow eyes were wide as he started to run around the house as Sonic just sat there not even caring what is Shadow is doing until Sonic was getting annoyed as he stopped in front of him.
"Are you happy that we're having kids?" Shadow was silent.
"I don't know. It's just, taking care of a family is alot of work."
Sonic smiled. "Where's the Shadow that wasn't scared of anything?" Shadow laughed softly and held Sonic closer. "Well, let's see how this
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 56 13
Sonic and Shadow Starts a Family
Chapter 1
Sonic and Shadow have been together for
some time now. They kept it a secret because if people found out, well,
let's just say people wouldn't treat them like they treat them now. They have been taking their relationship very slow but until they started to think it time for the next level. Let's see what happens.
Sonic and Shadow were at their house watching a movie. Shadow had been silent during the movie but then Sonic got worried and Sonic spoke up."Shadow, do . . .do you want to talk? You've been very quite lately, is something wrong?" Sonic said. Shadow was in his dream thoughts about he would enjoy marrying Sonic until he realize that Sonic spoke up to him.
"You know Sonic. I enjoy being your boyfriend and I love the memories we had together bit what about......" Shadow was interrupted by Sonic whimpering while he was crying.
"S-Sonic? Why are you crying?"said Shadow. Sonic turned away from Shadow and ran into the bedroom slamming the door behind him. Shadow sat on the
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 82 28
Mature content
Make Him Love You-Sonadow ShadAmy Sonourge :iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 37 29
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
Jai ho!
In Egypt

In the city of Arabian,busy people walking in a small street,customers shopping for clothes,and people getting to work on time,but some bad people kidnapped girls and just sell them for toys or slave. But nothing could get to some perfect two hedgehog that have been protected but they were forced to have a dance job. they didn't gave them time to say yes or no. You see some workers who buys slave use them for dirty dances, but they get boy and girls who has a nice talent or body. But these hedgehog are like the perfect dancer in the world, they are still virgin but they have some nice talent. There manager sents them to palaces,theaters,and many other places. The first hedgehog is a girl: she is a pink hedgehog,has short quills,and a nice personality and her name was Amy. The second hedgehog is a boy:He is a blue hedgehog,he runs in the speed of sound,has a nice personality and his name was Sonic.
But now Sonic and Amy were heading to Indi
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 43 10
The Twilight Saga:Eclipse-Sonadow Sonourge
What happen before we start the story
On his 18th birthday, Sonic Maurice Hedgehog wakes up from a dream in which he sees himself as an old hedgehog. He expresses his distaste with growing older than his boyfriend Shadow the Hedgehog, a vampire  who stopped aging physically at 17. Despite his lack of enthusiasm, Shadow's family throws Sonic a birthday party. While unwrapping  a gift, Sonic gets a paper cut, causing Shadow's brother, Silver,  to become overwhelmed by his blood's scent and attempt to kill him. Realizing the danger that he and his family pose to Sonic, Shadow ends their relationship, and the Cullens leave Mobius.
Shadow's departure leaves Sonic heartbroken and depressed for months; however, when his father, Jules,  finally decides to send him to live with his mother in Florida, Sonic refuses and agrees to spend more time with his friends. After seeing a movie with Mina Mongoose, Sonic sees a group of men on motorcycles. Thi
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 33 12
Snow White and the Huntsman-ShadAmy Style
The Huntsman [voice over]:
Once upon a time, in deep winter, a queen was admiring the
falling snow, when she saw a rose blooming in defiance of the cold.
Reaching for it, she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell.
And because the red seemed so alive against the white, she
thought, if only I had a child as peach as sand, lips as red as blood,
quills as pink as a flower's petals and all of the strength of that rose.
Soon after, a pink hedgehog daughter was born to the queen and was named, Snow White but her real name was Amy.
And she was adored throughout the kingdom, as much for her defiance as
for her beauty.
During the birth of Snow White, the Queen had became very ill and there was no medicine4 or cure to get rid away of the illness. While Queen Rose was
looking ill, young Snow White enters her room carrying an injured bird and the Queen had a confused expression on her face.
"We found it in the woods, it's injured, mother." Amy said while showing the injured
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 28 8
Make Him Love You-Sonadow ShadAmy Sonourge
Chapter 4:Task #2 Get him To Like You
With Scourge,Amy,Rouge, and Sally

Meanwhile they were tracking down Sonic and Shadow, Scourge paired them up with 2 people. Scourge with Sally and Amy with Rouge working together to find the almost-fall-in-love-couples.  While they were on their search, Rouge had something to ask to Amy about Shadow.
"So Amy how did you fall in love with Shadow instead of Sonic" Rouge said with a smirk smile.
   "Well it was the day when he fell from Ark and i was disappointed like Sonic, but there was something that was inside his heart that he let it out"Amy said
"So how dis you fell in love with him and why" Rouge asked
"Come on Amy just forget about Sonic and go and find someone else that is way better than him" said a familiar tone
"Look Sonia, I know you are trying your best to make me forget about Sonic but it just not good" Amy said while looking down.<
:iconjessielowkies:JessieLowkies 38 9
These are My Top 3 Favorite Sonic Couple ^^:

I'm a Huge Fan of One Direction!!! Don't Like Them...I DON'T CARE!! My Favorite Band Members Zayn and Louis <3.


GOTF issue 15 page 30 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 30 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 474 92 GOTF issue 15 page 29 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 29 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 409 45 You will be at MY side - colored by elegirl You will be at MY side - colored :iconelegirl:elegirl 35 5 Kingdom of the Wumpa Fruit by Ry-Spirit Kingdom of the Wumpa Fruit :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,688 79 GOTF issue 15 page 27 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 27 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 519 151 GOTF issue 15 page 26 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 26 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 495 124 8.04 ~ No way by Shadisfaction
Mature content
8.04 ~ No way :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 213 31
Zonadow by colour-ice Zonadow :iconcolour-ice:colour-ice 132 9 Tension by Pichi-08 Tension :iconpichi-08:Pichi-08 40 11 14.02 ~ Found ya! by Shadisfaction
Mature content
14.02 ~ Found ya! :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 288 39
GOTF issue 15 page 19 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 19 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 590 109
Sonadow- Shadow's Depression (Remastered) PT1
Hello DeviantArt watchers! Thank you so much for those who enjoyed my stories in the past. "Shadow's Depression" was a story that I had written about 6-7 years ago and is still available to read at any time! This is a remake of this story, since I felt the need to go more in depth with it, unlike the original version. I hope you guys enjoy reading this story! This is part one of "Shadow's Depression" by Elizabeth.
Shadow's Point of View
   The weather reminded me of how mother nature truly loves to change, depending on what emotion I am feeling, as if we are connected in some sort of way. Not many souls dare to step outside when the weather is cold and crisp, which is perfect weather to go outside and think, without a single interruption. I have always been a lonely wolf, pondering the woods without a pack to rely on. Although, lately I have noticed that in my heart, I crave for another half to share my thoughts and emotions with. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to
:iconiluvsonicthehedgehog:iluvsonicthehedgehog 3 3
I Can't Escape From Ya by Un-Genesis I Can't Escape From Ya :iconun-genesis:Un-Genesis 198 29 GOTF issue 15 page 18 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 15 page 18 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 725 265 A bit of Summer by Shadisfaction A bit of Summer :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 402 22 09.01 ~ Castor and Pollux by Shadisfaction 09.01 ~ Castor and Pollux :iconshadisfaction:Shadisfaction 199 11


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Long time no see. Anyone want to do an Rp of Sonadow???? Anyone??? Sonic is UK and Shadow is Some.
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